In moving with the times, Fidelity Printers and Refiners (FPR) have since the beginning of 2017 commissioned 4 machines in the printing section. The move is expected to increase turn overs and enhance the quality of the end product.

FPR is among the leading pack in Africa to purchase the Meteor digital printer. The printer can print in black and white and colour. It can also do duplex printing among its many properties that make it the most versatile digital press in the global graphics market.

Quality is our primary concern, to avoid customer’s books disintegration, we acquired a PUR book binder. The PUR book binder machine can bind modules, reports, books, magazines and any book material. The PUR glue that is used is a modern application which is environmentally friendly. The machine can also use EVA glue.

For fliers, brochures, newspapers, inserts and any other folded work, we have a Heidelberg folding machine. The machine can also crease, slit and perforate. It can fold a minimum of an A4 paper size and a maximum of A1 maximum.

In keeping up with technology, the Colamark is a packing machine that is used for wrapping and packing recharge cards. In replacing the manual process that used to take longer, the machine does sequential packing and seals the recharge cards in a cellophane. The card wrap machine has a camera installed that picks up if the sequence is correct. The machine can pack cards individually and in multiples.