As a custodian of critical strategic national capabilities bench marked against the best in class, Fidelity Printers and Refiners’ (FPR) core business currently encompasses the following:

  • Banknote design and printing of secure banknotes;
  • Design and production of secure high value documents for both the public and private sectors;
  • Key player in the gold value chain

The Printing Plant

The plant is temperature and humidity controlled, based on printing ambience standards. The same technology and techniques used by FPR can be found in printing plants in developed countries. What differs is the extent of automation, choice of substrate, inks and security features and design techniques. The plant is equipped with modern high tech security systems and there is controlled access in and out of the facility. Printing is divided into security printing and commercial printing.

Design and Origination

The threat to banknotes and other high value documents posed by high resolution scanners and photocopiers has increased the need to improve the design of documents. At FPR we believe in keeping abreast with latest technology for both hardware and software and this has been our driving force over the years. We offer services from concept development to plate-making for both security and commercial printing.

Security Printing

As the leading security printer, we play an important role in document protection against counterfeiting and illicit trade, both for private and public sector.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development, with its international strategic partners ensures continuous development, adaptation and creation of new security document solutions, facilitating easy authentication of documents of high commercial value. Over the years we have diversified our activities to meet changing customer needs. We offer both wet and dry lithographic printing in single to multi-colour. Trust and confidentiality are fundamental to our relationship with customers and this is supported by special attention to internal security and quality management of all our processes.