Fidelity Gold Refinery’s (FGR) core business currently encompasses the following: Security and commercial printing operations, Gold buying and gold refining operations, and Disbursement of the Gold Development Initiative Fund (GDIF).

Gold Development Initiative Fund (GDIF)

The Gold Development Initiative Fund (GDIF) is administered by Fidelity Gold Refinery (Private) Limited (FGR). The GDIF was created by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) as part of its initiatives to enhance economic productivity through promotion and development of the gold mining industry in Zimbabwe. The loan facility is primarily for the acquisition of gold mining plant and equipment in order to enhance gold production by miners and increase gold deliveries to FGR.

We offer flexible and world-class mining investment solutions to our clients. We work with you to understand your unique financing and cash flow needs, to come up with the best financing options for your gold mining operation.

Our team is composed of dedicated and seasoned banking and mining investment professionals. Our single point of contact system means you will move easily and quickly through the investment and financing process with an expert who thoroughly understands your needs.

No matter where your mine is located, or the size of your operation, we are built to deliver the solutions you need anywhere in Zimbabwe. As our valued partner, we aim at growing your business to the next level.


  • Small Scale Gold Miners
  • Medium Scale Gold Miners
  • Large Scale Gold Miners

Products & Services

  • Plant and Equipment Finance
  • Mine Resuscitation Finance
  • Mineral Project Finance
  • On-going Exploration Finance
  • Mine Development Finance
  • Distressed Mineral Asset Finance
  • SMEs Syndicated Transactions
  • Gold Miller Supported Schemes
  • Mining Industry Research
  • Working Capital Finance


    General Terms & Conditions for Loans

    • Tenure – up to 36 months
    • Interest Rate – 10% (USD)
    • Gold delivery track record with Fidelity Gold Refinery.

    Why choose us?

    • Providing one stop financial services to the gold mining industry;
    • Focused and specialized entity championing financial inclusion in Zimbabwe;
    • Our team consists of seasoned professionals;
    • Proven track record in supporting the gold mining industry;
    • Flexible, affordable, accessible and innovative financing options;
    • Passion for excellent service delivery and
    • Professional advisory services.

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